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Film Duplication

A Walsh Imaging provides medical and veterinary facilities throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania with professional x-ray film duplication. We are an industry leader in x-ray film duplication scanning technology and document management. We excel at processing x-ray film duplication requests by utilizing today's most advanced technologies for x-ray film archiving, digitizing, duplication and printing. Our process allows us to produce an exact duplicate of your original x-ray, whether it is legal or medical purposes. We offer over a dozen ways to duplicate and transmit your x-ray film in several viewing formats.

Our x-ray film duplication services meet or exceed the latest HIPAA regulations. Your x-ray films are securely sent to us and returned to you digitally, by postal or freight services, or by our professional in-house courier service. X-ray duplication fees are on a per copy, compact disc or transmission basis and are not only nominal but some of the lowest in the entire United States. X-ray film duplication orders are usually processed within 24 hours of receipt and never longer than 72 hours. Rush order options are available.

Aside from abiding by your time constraints, it is essential that when faced with needing x-ray film duplication that you select a company that is reputable and well experienced in diagnostic medicine. This will ensure that you receive the highest optimized films possible. A Walsh Imaging takes great pride in providing the most professional, expedient and reliable x-ray film duplication service possible. No x-ray film duplication request will be considered too small or too large and each will be handled with the courtesy and privacy you expect and deserve.

If you are a medical or veterinary facility throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania you simply cannot afford to trust anyone other than A Walsh Imaging with your x-ray film duplication. If you are located outside of the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania area and require x-ray film duplication please contact us. We can refer you to a credible x-ray film duplication company in your area!

Film Duplication Coverage Area

● New Jersey
● New York
● Connecticut
● Pennsylvania

Film Duplication Clients

● Chiropractors
● Dentists
● General Practitioners
● Hospitals
● Imaging Centers
● Medical Centers
● Orthopedists
● Podiatrists
● Radiography Facilities
● Veterinary Centers

Film Duplication Services

● CD to CD
● CD to Digital Archive
● CD to Electronic Transfer
● CD to Film
● CD to Photo Paper
● Digital Archive to CD
● Digital Archive to Film
● Electronic Transfer to CD
● Electronic Transfer to Film
● Electronic Transfer to Photo Paper
● Film to CD with Viewer
● Film to Digital Archive
● Film to Electronic Transfer
● Film to Film
● Film to Photo Paper

For medical and veterinary facilities throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania desiring to purchase new or used digital or analog x-ray equipment or supplies we can assist you by providing you with a quote on a customized solution. We offer the latest digital and analog x-ray equipment and supplies from today's most prominent manufacturers.
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