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X-ray Film Disposal

A Walsh Imaging provides medical and veterinary facilities throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania with professional x-ray film disposal. The light sensitive properties of silver compounds are the key to most photographic processes, and the basis of most of the waste produced by them. Like the compounds of many other heavy metals, they are highly toxic, and classified as special wastes by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The ever increasing demand for environmental concerns have further stressed the requirements for proper x-ray film disposal, x-ray film recycling and the waste produced by them. Even x-ray paper jackets and inserts can be cross shredded and turned into a fine pulp for re-use. Due to the sensitivity of patient records, x-ray film disposal must be handled according to regulations set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Under HIPAA, you share in the responsibility for patient records, including x-ray film disposal, even after they leave your facility. Besides assurances of continued patient confidentiality, you should be able to determine that these x-ray films are destroyed in an environmentally sound manner. Your selection of an outside vendor is a matter of trust and serious obligation - an obligation that A Walsh Imaging, certified in hauling and disposal, takes seriously as we strive to meet or exceed government standards.

If you are a medical or veterinary facility throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania you simply cannot afford to trust anyone other than A Walsh Imaging with your x-ray film disposal. If you are located outside of the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania area and require x-ray film disposal please contact us. We can refer you to a credible x-ray film disposal company in your area!

X-ray Film Disposal Coverage Area

● New Jersey
● New York
● Connecticut
● Pennsylvania

X-ray Film Disposal Clients

● Chiropractors
● Dentists
● General Practitioners
● Hospitals
● Imaging Centers
● Medical Centers
● Orthopedists
● Podiatrists
● Radiography Facilities
● Veterinary Centers

X-ray Film Disposal Process

● Our Processor Technician picks up your obsolete or used x-ray film in either supplied containers or your containers provided they are in accordance with A Walsh Imaging's established compliance protocols.

● Once packed, the containers of disposable x-ray films are noted on a service ticket and is signed by both our employee and a representative of your facility.

● Containers are then transported in a van or truck to A Walsh Imaging's facility.

● Your discarded x-ray films are co-mingled (for added confidentiality) with thousands of other images in carefully monitored lots in our own secure containment area. Each lot is then properly stored, sealed and transported to an end refiner.

● A Walsh Imaging's refining partners follow a detailed procedure for disposal of film. This involves shredding and recycling the plastic base and recycling the silver emulsion for industrial or commercial re-use.

For medical and veterinary facilities throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania desiring to purchase new or used digital or analog x-ray equipment or supplies we can assist you by providing you with a quote on a customized solution. We offer the latest digital and analog x-ray equipment and supplies from today's most prominent manufacturers.
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