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X-ray Room Design

A Walsh Imaging provides medical and veterinary facilities throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania with professional x-ray room design. Whether you are having a new facility built or moving into an existing one, the designing and planning of your x-ray department is a critical step to ensuring optimum performance of your radiology department. A proper x-ray room design can ensure better work flow during the x-ray taking process, as well as offer the proper space required to install and maintain your x-ray equipment. A poorly planned x-ray room design can involve higher costs and fees in the long run for you, as well as increase the amount of x-ray lead shielding required to protect your staff, patients and facility from gamma rays and x-rays.

In person consultation is a key component in our x-ray room design process. During our site visit, an evaluation of the x-ray room size will be performed and equipment positioning will be discussed with either you or your representative. If construction drawings are already available, the relevant section pertaining to radiology will be obtained for perimeter reference. In many cases, especially when conventional x-ray is involved, we will consult with your contracted electricians and plumbers to effectively meet the necessary specifications for your x-ray electrical supply and x-ray darkroom plumbing. A Walsh Imaging has been providing quality x-ray room designs for over 40 years and we partner with a professional engineering firm for more extensive x-ray room designs.

If you are a medical or veterinary facility throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania you simply cannot afford to trust anyone other than A Walsh Imaging with your x-ray room design. If you are located outside of the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania area and require x-ray room design please contact us. We can refer you to a credible x-ray room design company in your area!

X-ray Room Design Coverage Area

● New Jersey
● New York
● Connecticut
● Pennsylvania

X-ray Room Design Clients

● Chiropractors
● Dentists
● General Practitioners
● Hospitals
● Imaging Centers
● Medical Centers
● Orthopedists
● Podiatrists
● Radiography Facilities
● Veterinary Centers

X-ray Room Design Specialty

● Chiropractic x-ray room design
● Hospital x-ray room design
● Medical x-ray room design
● Orthopedic x-ray room design
● Podiatry x-ray room design
● Veterinary x-ray room design

For medical and veterinary facilities throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania desiring to purchase new or used digital or analog x-ray equipment or supplies we can assist you by providing you with a quote on a customized solution. We offer the latest digital and analog x-ray equipment and supplies from today's most prominent manufacturers.
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