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X-ray Artwork

Radiography equipment used to take an x-ray of a patient is common knowledge, but not many are aware of the beauty these machines are also capable of producing. For nearly 100 years the art of radiography has been tried by many, but only mastered by a few. Although modern technologies enable some to create false radiography images on a Photoshop program, the talent still rests in the hands of those who press the exposure button.

A Walsh Imaging is pleased to present artwork from Bert Myers' Fine Art Gallery. Mr. Myers is a retired academic physician, Professor of Surgery at LSUMC, who has long had a serious interest in photography as an art medium and studied with Ansel Adams at one of the last workshops the master himself taught. You can view more pieces at

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Indian Melon Shell   Fox Glove Blossoms   Siberian Lily   Hibiscus Hybrid

2 Loquat Leaves   Shuttlecock Volva   Nautilus   Tulip

Land Snail   Magnolia   Martin's Tibia   Plumeria

Bert Myers artwork used with permission.
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