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Financing Assistance

A Walsh Imaging provides medical and veterinary facilities throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania with professional x-ray financing assistance. We have successfully worked with Mr. Paul Lee at Susquehanna Bank (SUSQ) for over 10 years. Mr. Lee because is exceptional at providing our clients with a platform of stability from which they can fund their transactions with confidence. Susquehanna Bank is a publicly traded company with over $13 billion in assets. In today's volatile market, you deserve x-ray financing assistance through a finance company that is dependable, flexible and solid.

Susquehanna is a regional financial services holding company that includes three commercial banks that provide financial services at more than 230 branch locations in the Mid-Atlantic region. Through Susquehanna Wealth Management, the company offers investment, fiduciary, brokerage, insurance, retirement planning and private banking services. Susquehanna also operates as an insurance and employee benefits company, a commercial finance, and a vehicle leasing company.

If you are a medical or veterinary facility throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania you simply cannot afford to trust anyone other than A Walsh Imaging with your x-ray financing assistance. If you are located outside of the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania area and require x-ray financing assistance please contact us. We can refer you to a credible x-ray financing assistance company in your area!

Financing Assistance Coverage Area

● New Jersey
● New York
● Connecticut
● Pennsylvania

Financing Assistance Clients

● Chiropractors
● Dentists
● General Practitioners
● Hospitals
● Imaging Centers
● Medical Centers
● Orthopedists
● Podiatrists
● Radiography Facilities
● Veterinary Centers

Professional Financing Assistance

Susquehanna Bank is organized for fast response. They understand it from your side as well as the funding side, consequently they are sensitive to the time constraints you are working under, and they serve you accordingly. You won't have to wait as your paperwork travels from one layer of approval to another.

Focused Financing Assistance

At Susquehanna, the focus is on the quality of our client's credit rather than on collateral. They are experienced in medical, material handling, computers, data processing, audio/video equipment and other hi-tech products, printing equipment, and transportation equipment.

Experienced Financing Assistance

Susquehanna Bank can provide our clients with a variety of options. At Susquehanna you will find an entrepreneurial, facilitative source of financing with the resources that you need. For more information contact Patrick, Tom or Tony at 973-616-7100.

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For medical and veterinary facilities throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania desiring to purchase new or used digital or analog x-ray equipment or supplies we can assist you by providing you with a quote on a customized solution. We offer the latest digital and analog x-ray equipment and supplies from today's most prominent manufacturers.
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